"Alain Abel's vanilla is exceptional, the best in the world. He works with a passion for his profession as his great team. The product quality is exceptional. I'm using it in all our restaurants worldwide. I was offered vanilla from Madagascar, but the smell bothers me. I don't like working with it. I remain faithfull to the Tahiti Vanilla. I use it in all the sauces, in red fruits coulis for example, it brings everthing together. It's superb!"

J Robuchon /F Benot
The world most starred chef ***

"I have used Alain Abel's Tahiti vanilla from the begining. I was amoung the first tu use it. I like the flexibitilty of its pods and the perfume it exudes. It is simply the best in the world. I uses it to cook eggplants"

G Passedat,
Le Petit Nice ***

"Alain Abel's vanilla has the qualities required because there is attention to detail at every level. It is a product i use a lot, both in custard,in ice cream, Millefeuilles, but also in savoury dishes such as seabass with sweet spices."

Guy Savoy,
Restaurant Guy Savoy ***

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